Are you an allergy sufferer? Do you often have the sneezes and sniffles at this time of year?

I mean, I always sneeze when if I’ve had a really strong mint/too much vegemite in one go/look directly up at the sun but apart from that, I don’t usually just sneeze out of the blue unless I’m coming down with something.

My husband on the other hand, is a regular sneezer (usually in the evenings) and also suffers from itchy eyes which got me wondering whether there is anything you can eat that could help combat these hay fever/asthma-like symptoms.

It turns out there are. Plus they’re all delicious.

The RawEm fam will be stocking up on these:

1. Salmon & Walnuts

According to the experts, eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (at least twice a week is the dream) may be helpful for reducing asthma symptoms.

Try eating more fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel. If you’re vegan, up your daily intake of walnuts and flaxseeds, as they also contain omega-3 fatty acids.

TOP TIP: walnuts and flaxseeds are used in our RawEm Coconut Treat Balls so order your weekly supply of balls here so you’re covered.

2. Apples

Apples are rich in quercetin (a bioflavonoid also found in onions, garlic, berries and cauliflower). It’s a natural plant chemical and may reduce “histamine reactions.” Histamines are part of the allergic response. I’m not a massive onion and garlic fan as the taste stays with me for days but if you’re bored of the basic apple, you should try our Pink Lady Apple Smoothie recipe. 

3. Manuka Honey

Many seasonal allergy sufferers find relief by consuming raw honey. Although science has yet to prove whether raw local honey helps diminish allergy symptoms, consuming local honey can help soothe a sore throat and has antioxidants that can help fight viruses.

Check out this local raw Manuka honey from HTG and try spreading over a frozen banana for a refreshing pick-me-up.

4. Kiwis & Oranges

Kiwis are one of my all-time fave fruits and usually the first one I start the day with (whatever hour of the morning). I feel a little lost if I don’t have my morning Ki. Not only is this fuzzy little friend rich in vitty C but it can also cut down the histamines which sounds ideal. I also can’t eat an orange without grating the skin first so can add the fresh peel to my morning bowl.

5. Pineapple 

Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain. According to the experts, bromelain can reduce irritation in allergic diseases such as asthma.

Pineapple on its own is obviously yum but you should try dipping in homemade raw choc sauce and popping in the freezer for a healthy pineapple lump. Such a refreshing summer treat.



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