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My Story

Hi, I’m Em and I make and deliver (currently only in Australia) refined sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan naughty-tasting treat balls using only a handful of natural and nourishing ingredients.

To be enjoyed as a sweet treat when you fancy a chocolate hit but are trying to be good 😉

I’m a massive snacker and I used to spend ages picking up every single “health” bar in the supermarket, reading the long list of ingredients and wishing that I could eat something that I’d made myself so I knew exactly what was in it and that actually tasted good. I noticed that there were plenty of energy and protein bars but not enough natural pre-packaged sweet treats that genuinely taste naughty.

“I always need to fill the sweet palate”.

I absolutely hate feeling deprived (and the sugar slumps that come with pre-packaged sugar-laden snacks). As a Mum, I also always crave something sweet and energising multiple times a day. so I’ve created delicious treat balls…

  • That make you feel as though you’re having a real indulgent bite but using all-natural and raw ingredients that you can easily grab on-the-go.
  • For a guilt-free ‘something sweet’ for those 3pm (or if you’re me, all-day long) chocolate cravings.

I love the idea that there is always a healthy alternative to anything you crave, so keep your eye out for our RawEm Treat balls at local cafes and order your balls online here.

Pop back here or follow me @rawemtreats for my simple yet tasty raw creations and healthy inspiration.

Go on. Treat your healthy self x


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