Motivation wears off after around 3-4 days (#truestory) so here are my top tips on how to get yourself out of that slump to make sure you have endless motivation in your daily life:

  1. Change Your Environment – walk outside and take in your surroundings. Going to the beach is literally my favourite thing on Earth. Exercising by the sea is one of the most motivating things in the world. The power of the ocean whilst you’re running on the sand….there’s nothing quite like it. If you’re not close to a beach, head outside to the nearest park/some greenery and just take some deep breaths in the fresh air. It will honestly put a whole new perspective on life
  2. Plug In – I’m totally loving this amazing podcast Daily Boost by Motivation To Move as it’s only 9 minutes long and has such useful (yet basic) tips and reminders that really stick with you due to way Scott tells such relatable/engaging stories about his personal life. He makes you think about what’s happening in your own life and asks such interesting question, gives sound advice without being patronising. Or try some pumping tunes to set you up for the day.
  3. Eat Your Beets – bangin’ beetroot is known to increase blood flow to working muscles. Who knew? They are also rich in antioxidants which help fight the oxidative stress so try having a soothing and delicious beetroot smoothie (check out our recipe here) or add some beets to your lunch bowl to help boost stamina. Or pop some of the juice on your cheeks for a radiant glow 😉
  4. Challenge Yourself – setting a goal and challenging yourself really pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you realise what you’re actually capable of. It can be one of the most inspiring and self-motivating things to do and can help create unlimited motivation. You believe in yourself, focus on something then reflect on your achievement. The marathon I did literally kept me motivated for ages afterwards. It could literally be anything, book onto that course you’ve always wanted to do, learn a new skill or attend an event that gets you going.
  5. Chat It Out – talk to someone who brings the best out in you, someone who really sets your soul on fire. I get such a buzz and a huge warm goey feeling inside from having a good chat with a family member/bestie/colleague. It snaps me out of a prickly mood. Just talking about your feelings can sometimes make you feel a hundred times better without you even knowing it. Try to really tap into how you’re feeling and chat out what’s niggling you/what’s going on in the peebs (pea brain) and make little adjustments to change it – so simple but it works.



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